I recently bought a secondhand Apple A1314 Bluetooth Keyboard on eBay to use with my brand new iPad 3, for typing up longer documents than I would ever want to attempt using the on screen keyboard.

All was fine – until I tried to pair it with my iPad. First, there was no “Connect” button on the keyboard, which left me wondering how I would go about pairing it with my iPad. A quick search online revealed the official help docs on Apple’s site, which suggested that if there were no paired devices in range, the keyboard would automatically go into pairing/search mode. However, this did not work. It suggested that I may have to have previously unpaired it from the PC to make sure that it would be able to pair with the iPad – which was not going to be able to happen now that the seller has shipped it to me.

Then, some other pages online suggested that the A1314 did not work with the iPad 2 and 3, which left me with this sinking feeling of not properly researching what I was buying before I’d purchased it, and being left with a dud keyboard that I would have to sell back to someone else on eBay.

Finally, I found this page on Tony J’s blog after about 5 minutes of searching online for answers. After 3 hours of trying to get his Apple A1314 keyboard to work with his iPad, he discovered that the magical secret is to push the power button on the keyboard and hold it until the keyboard has successfully paired with the iPad.

So, if you have an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard A1314 and would like to get it to work with your iPad 2 or iPad 3, then just remember to follow that simple tip. Push and hold the keyboard’s power button (so that you can see the green light flashing) until you have successfully paired with the iPad, and you’ll be set.

If this has helped you, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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